Thursday, May 01, 2008

Enshrining Mediocrity

Today in schools, they hold track meets, where they give "blue ribbons" to EVERYBODY who "participates" so as not to damage" the "self-esteem" of the students. They mix up "self-image" (which is your opinion of your own talents and abilities through recognition of the PROOF of them) with "self-esteem" which is the same, but WITHOUT proof. It is keeping from them the idea that they might not be as good as someone else. They think this will somehow "damage" them. What it really does, is "enshrine mediocrity." It makes everybody somehow "even." It does not. Those students know who won the competition, even if those who organize it will not allow it to be mentioned. This is one of the stupidest things I've seen liberals do, but they're doing it everywhere. They will not allow those who would excel at ANYTHING to do so. They say they want "an even playing field," but what they really want is for NOBODY to lose and nobody to win. If a company makes more money than another, they want to "move the goal posts" so that companies with less talented management are able to "compete." (This is not "competition") This kind of thinking removes all incentive to compete because the competitors know they cannot win, and they cannot lose. This is what socialism does: remove incentive. (Just common sense)