Sunday, December 09, 2007

Shielding Children From Failure

What's behind the recent spate of mass killings? Some blame the easy availability of guns. That's silly. If guns were not available, they'd use swords; or knives; or baseball bats; or anything else that would kill. The availability of the means to kill has nothing to do with the motivation to kill. What's behind these mass killings is the "shielding" of our children from failure, which does not allow them to learn how to deal with failure and they blame others for it. The urge to kill those they blame is not far away. (Ray Thomas 101)

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Self-Image vs. Self-Esteem

There seems to be a difference in understanding these days between "self-esteem" and "self-image." Liberals seem to think they need to hide negative information from people (mostly children) and get rid of competition so as to not hurt the "self-esteem" of children and others. This is not the way to help people live better lives. There is a difference between "self-esteem" and "self-image," and that is "truth." "Self-image" is your own opinion of your talents and abilities based on your learning and experience. "Self-esteem" seems to be your opinion of your talents and abilities based on HIDING the truth from you and keeping you away from ANY kind of competition. This will not work because it gives you a FALSE image of your talents and abilities, based on NOTHING. You must judge your talents and abilities based on TRUTH, not ignorance of shortcomings. The trend toward eliminating competition in sports is evidence of that. What is the PURPOSE of sports, except to allow "the cream to rise to the top?" What is the purpose of playing a game such as baseball or football if there's no score? Believe me, the players know the score, even if those in charge don't keep track of it. They KNOW who made the most scores, even if those "in charge" want to keep that information from them. The article linked below mistakes "self-esteem" for "self-image," but otherwise is mostly right. Those who want to completely eliminate competition and keep negative information from people to avoid "hurting their self-esteem," are wrong, and are systematically hurting the people they try and instruct. A good "self-image" comes from becoming superior at what you do, and by knowing it. It does NOT come from making decisions based on LACK of information about your own talents and abilities and by AVOIDING all kinds of competition. (Kid's Health,