Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas again!

You can’t say it often enough. I said it the other day, and now I say it again. “The PC Police” can take it and stick it. This day is dedicated to the birth of Jesus Christ, whether or not you believe in him. It’s the religion of Christians, and reference to it should NEVER “offend” anyone. I am not offended by reference to the symbols of other religions, and I should not be. And members of other religions should not be “offended” by references to someone else’s. Especially Muslims, whose “Holy Book” tells them to KILL anybody who does not believe exactly the same way they do. Today’s Christianity does not, even if they can find an obscure passage in the Old Testament that might be read in such a way that some people might think it does. In any case, it is not a “guiding principle” to Christians. Some non-Christians seem to think they can stop Christians from making reference to their religion by wishing people “Merry Christmas” on this day. They’re wrong, even if some liberal courts disagree. They misread the Constitution to say that government and religion should be separate. That’s wrong. There is NOTHING in the Constitution saying that. So I say again, “Merry Christmas to all!” No matter what your religion. This will be the only post today, as I will be spending time with my family. (Just common sense)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas Everybody!

Some people are “offended” by the words, “Merry Christmas." They can go to hell. I will not accede to the demands of the “PC Police” and say “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.” Why should I care if atheists, some Jews, Islamics, and followers of other religions don’t like it when I wish them a Merry Christmas? This is a country FOUNDED by Christians and, in which most powerful posts are still held by people who at least SAY they’re Christians. If that offends some people, too bad! I don’t care. Most Jews don’t “get offended” by it, and they don’t try and kill Christianity in a Christian country. So I say, “Merry Christmas,” people, and anybody who gets “offended” by this can go to hell. (The Blaze)

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

I will not bow to the liberals’ political correctness dictate that I not mention “Christmas” in my greeting to you on Christmas day. The whole idea of eliminating the word “Christmas” from a greeting concerning the birth of Jesus Christ is stupid. But then, everything the liberals in Washington (and other government centers) do or say is stupid, so I expect it of them. Whatever your religion, using the name of Christ in a reference to His birthday is logical, and I am logical if nothing else. I respect ALL religions, even though I may not agree with all their tenets. So Merry Christmas to all, whatever your religion. I realize that may “offend” some, but that’s too bad. Trying to limit my free speech offends ME. (Just common sense)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Self-Image vs. Self-Esteem

I wrote about this a number of years ago, and published it in 2007. It is still as relevant today as it was then. You can’t HIDE their shortcomings from people to “avoid hurting their self-esteem.” This does them no favors. Liberals support doing this, and it’s wrong. The best way to help people is to let them know how good they are if they’re good, and tell them where they need work if that is true. Today, we often mistake “self-esteem” for “self-image,” and the difference between the two is TRUTH. Self-image is their own opinion of their talents and abilities, based on KNOWLEDGE, not by hiding the truth from them to give them a FALSE sense of superiority. Until we realize the difference, we’ll be hindering our children in their development. (THOMA$ Foundation for Motivational Research)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Smoking is NOT "An Addiction!"

It’s a habit. It’s one that is easily broken if YOU want to quit. There are too many people out there “enabling” your smoking by calling it “an addiction.” I smoked for 45 years, and at the last, smoked three packs a day, plus a few cigars. Then one day I got tired of it. I decided I didn’t want to smoke any more, so I simply never “lit up” again. I walked around for three weeks with an open pack of cigarettes in my pocket so it couldn’t be said that I “removed temptation.” I kept that pack until it crumbled to dust, then threw the dust away. My wife was probably the first to notice I was no longer smoking because she no longer had to empty those ubiquitous ash trays. The rest of the family probably figured it out when the place no longer smelled of cigarettes. I told nobody when I quit because I didn’t want any “help.” I never smoked again, and haven’t, to this day. Some years before I had stopped smoking for five years, just to prove to myself that I could. People kept telling me I couldn’t. I started again five years to the day later, because at the time I, personally, didn’t really want to quit smoking. But this time, it was MY decision to quit smoking, and I had no trouble. There WERE a few days at the first when I “hungered” for a smoke, but I was able to resist easily. I didn’t even use any of those ubiquitous “chewing gums”or other expensive ways you see advertised to get you away from “your addiction.” I just stopped, and I’m not sorry. I STILL enjoy the SMELL of someone ELSE smoking a cigarette, but, unlike other “former smokers” who are deathly afraid if they SMELL someone smoking, they won’t be able to resist smoking themselves, I am not “tempted.” People keep asking me why I still go into the smoking sections in restaurants. I’ll sit in either. I tell them it’s not a problem for me. You can do it, too--if YOU want to do it and are not doing it simply at the urging of someone else. That’s how “personal motivation” affects it. (Just common sense)

Lies and Misinformation

I'm really getting tired of the lies and misinformation being put out as truth by not only the media, but also by business in advertising. One such place is the emphasis on "self-esteem" in the media AND in various ads. Self-esteem is simply your opinion of yourself based on LACK of knowledge of your talents and abilities. They willfully HIDE such information(if it's negative) from you so you will "think of yourself as a beautiful person." Self IMAGE, however, is your view of yourself because of KNOWLEDGE of your own talents and abilities. Another area is oil. Even President Bush has been heard to talk about "our oil addiction." That's false! We are NOT "addicted" to oil, nor are we "addicted" to air, water, and fire. These are NECESSITIES of life! Without them, life, as we know it, would END. That is NOT an "addiction." Another is a political ad that says a certain candidate "has been named the most corrupt." By whom? Her opponent or his friends, of course. So listen to those who push such ideas with skepticism. (Just common sense)

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Enshrining Mediocrity

Today in schools, they hold track meets, where they give "blue ribbons" to EVERYBODY who "participates" so as not to damage" the "self-esteem" of the students. They mix up "self-image" (which is your opinion of your own talents and abilities through recognition of the PROOF of them) with "self-esteem" which is the same, but WITHOUT proof. It is keeping from them the idea that they might not be as good as someone else. They think this will somehow "damage" them. What it really does, is "enshrine mediocrity." It makes everybody somehow "even." It does not. Those students know who won the competition, even if those who organize it will not allow it to be mentioned. This is one of the stupidest things I've seen liberals do, but they're doing it everywhere. They will not allow those who would excel at ANYTHING to do so. They say they want "an even playing field," but what they really want is for NOBODY to lose and nobody to win. If a company makes more money than another, they want to "move the goal posts" so that companies with less talented management are able to "compete." (This is not "competition") This kind of thinking removes all incentive to compete because the competitors know they cannot win, and they cannot lose. This is what socialism does: remove incentive. (Just common sense)