Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Last Post Outdated

The last post (about "negative people") is somewhat outdated because most of what I had planned didn't happen, due to a heart attack in 2005 and the need for a quadruple bypass. Kinda messed up my plans (some of them). I was never able to run around and sell advertising because I have a lot of difficulty just moving around. So driving all over the mountains selling to car dealers and real estate brokers is out, at least for a while. So instead, I'm running an Internet business owned by my son, marketing disguised self-defense products such as a cell-phone stun gun. It looks like a cell-phone, stuns like hell. Makes for a big surprise for anybody who is trying to attack or rob you. Women, especially, need these products, mostly just for protection on the street, or from ex spouses or boyfriends who just don't get it, and the like. Oldsters, like me are excellent prospects, too because, like women, we are considered "easy targets" by the "bad guys." I don't plan on being anybody's "easy target. In fact, recently I used one of our "Runt" stun guns to stop a "road rage" incident that could have ended up with me being severely beaten by a reckless driver who took offense to my shaking my head at the way he drives. This business is excellent for me because I can not only sell these products on the Internet and through the mail (without leaving my bedroom), I can also sell them simply by using the "three-foot rule" when I do get out and around. (If you get within three feet of me, you hear about my products). With my desktop publishing skills from way back, I can create my own brochures and forms, which saves Mike (my son) a lot of money. I spend a lot of time promoting this business, and that keeps my mind busy, as well as my hands. I could go around doing the "negative" thing, as do many people in my situation, but I refuse to do that. Oh; did I mention the book I wrote and am now promoting? So whatever happens in your life, stay positive. If you're a "positive person," you can find something that will keep you alive. I did.

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